App Request Procedures & Form

ECSC App Request Process

We recognize and appreciate that our Elwood teachers are diligent and careful when selecting curriculum materials for the classroom. In an effort to keep the process for app selection efficient, but well documented, we have created a form that will be used for all app requests - both iOS (iPad) and Google (Chromebook). The form link below will guide you through a series of questions that will evaluate the app for COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act) compliance, including the updated 2016 standards, as well as educational value. The form is set to automatically generate an email and ticket to the assigned staff in the technology department. Upon submission a document will also be automatically generated and cataloged for viewing on Google Drive by staff. 

Elwood App Request Form

  • ●  Explore the app as a teacher, making note of the iTunes URL/name, educational content, ease of use, and any costs that may be associated.

  • ●  Fill out the App Request Form,​ providing answers to all questions. If you have a unique circumstance (like a reward app or special purpose), please follow up with the building principal for clarification on use since your educational rating may be unusual.

    Expanded link:

  • ●  COPPA compliance laws ask that schools verify that a child’s personal information will remain private. Even in situations where they may be using a “school created account”, it is best practice to make sure that personal information is not associated to app use. For more information about COPPA, visit:​.

    • ○  In ​most​ cases, apps found in the “educational” category of the iTunes or Play stores have to meet compliance before they are allowed to be in that category.

    • ○  In ​most​ cases, students should use their school email or username only. Personal names, especially with the last name field, should be avoided unless it is managed by a secured teacher roster that is private.

  • ●  When evaluating for educational or instructional value, please consider each question from the general student perspective. Any apps that have an average rating of 3.0 or higher will not need further clarification. ​Any apps that have an average rating below 3.0 will need to have clarification on purpose and approval from a building administrator or Tech Integration staff.

  • ●  Any apps that have a cost associated will need to have building administrator funding approval.

  • ●  Once an app is approved, the teacher will receive notification to submit a Helpdesk ticket for the app to be installed. Please be aware that the approval / install process could take up to 72 hours so plan ahead when possible.

  • ●  Any tickets submitted for apps without approval will be closed and referred to the App Request form to follow proper procedure.

    Thank you for your continued help in streamlining this app process for request, installation, and use in student learning! We welcome your feedback and suggestions for enhancement.

App Evaluation & Request Form Questions

  1. Please enter your name.

  2. Please select your school.

  3. Does that app you want to install and use with students require students to login?

    • ✓  Even district Google accounts matter! This is ideal, but we are required to keep that documented.

    • ✓  Never use an app that requires a ​personal​ account for a student. All logins should be school issued.

  4. Does your app require a student photograph, video, or audio file, where such file contains a child’s image or voice to have an account?

✓ Avatars (cartoon images or characters) are okay. They are looking for personal identification items that could provide a stranger with more info than necessary.

  1. Does your app require a student home address, including the street name and name of a city or town?

    • ✓  Personal address is the key. All account contact info should be the school.

    • ✓  District Google account use school contact info.

  2. Does your app require a personal student phone number?

    • ✓  Personal phone number is the key. This is a no-no for COPPA. It should never be REQUIRED.

    • ✓  Remind and other messaging apps are okay because it isn’t required and numbers are not published.

  3. Does your app require other personal contact information such as non-district email, text contact info, cell number, etc.?

    • ✓  It should not require personal contact with a student. This doesn’t mean that a student over 13 could not opt in for certain notifications or viewing.

    • ✓  Make sure all student contact is optional and voluntary.

  4. Does your app require a student’s Social Security number?

    • ✓  This would be a HUGE warning flag. Run away from anything that needs a personal SSN for an account.

    • ✓  Indiana Student ID numbers (9 digit used for testing - STN) is another identifying number that should never be used for account creation or on public lists.

  5. Does your app require a parent’s personal or contact information?

    • ✓  It should not require personal contact with parent. This doesn’t mean that a parent could not opt in for certain notifications or viewing.

    • ✓  Make sure all parent contact is optional and voluntary.

  6. What is the name of the app you wish to use in your class? Ex: Backyard Phonics Adventure

  7. Please provide the URL link to the Store application or developer site. Ex:

The following will need a rating of 1-4. A rating of 1 would mean, “Not at all”; a rating of 4 would mean, “Definitely”. 

12. Is the application connected to a targeted skill or concept in your standards?
13. Are the practiced skills authentic and/or problem-based?
14. Are students given specific feedback that can result in improved performance?
15. Does the app allow for accommodation settings or levels to meet student needs? 
16. Can students launch and navigate within the app independently?
17. Are students motivated to use the app and have the opportunity to use it often? 
18. Are instructions included within the app helpful to the student?
19. Is assessment/summary data available electronically to the student/teacher?
20. What is the price of the app?
21. Where do you want these apps placed?

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