STI Home Access to Grades

Requesting STI Home Access of Grades:

Student Access: If you are a student of the Elwood Community School Corporation or the Hinds Career Center, then you received your username/password for home access from the school office. The school office can also help students with forgotten passwords.

Parents Access: Custodial parents of students enrolled in Elwood Community Schools or the Hinds Career Center may request home access by filling in an online form. The form includes a required "Parent Code" which must be retrieved by contacting your child's school office. In the case of children in multiple schools, then just contact the school of the oldest child. The new system allows parents to check grades for all their children in the household with a single login. Use the parent code to fill in the online request at the following link:

STI Parent Home Access Request Form

Reasonable efforts will be taken to protect the privacy of all student information.

The following opens the STI Home Grades site: STI INOW Link