High Ability

ECSC High Ability Mission Statement:

Elwood Community School Corporation is excited to offer a comprehensive and differentiated continuum of K-12 services that develops talent, accelerates learning, and increases depth of understanding for all of its students.  The high ability program recognizes that some students perform at, or show the aptitude to perform at, an outstanding level of accomplishment in mathematics and language arts. Through on-going identification procedures, these students are found in all cultural, socio-economical, and ethnic backgrounds. Further, ECSC's HA program provides research-based academic strategies, curriculum, instructional models, and socio-emotional support specifically designed to enhance educational opportunities, enabling our students to be meaningful contributors in our ever-changing global society. 

Definition of High Ability:

In accordance with Indiana Code, ECSC defines a high ability student as one who performs or shows the potential for performing at an outstanding level of academic accomplishment in math, language arts, or both, when compared to other students of the same age, experience or environment; and is characterized by exceptional gifts, talents, motivation, or interests. (IC 20-36-1-3.)

We use a formal identification process to identify and support students in need of high ability services. Research-based testing measures are administered to all kindergarten, second grade, and fifth grade students to ensure proper placement for optimal learning experiences. Other nomination procedures for high ability placement options are in place, as well. Please click the identification link to learn more about the identification process.  
Our Broad Based Planning Committee represents stakeholders to review the continuous development and implementation of the services and programs for high ability students. 

Description of Services:

According to Indiana code, identified students with high academic or cognitive aptitude require differentiated, flexible, accelerated, and enriched curriculum to meet the diversity of the learning needs within the high ability population. Service design and implementation is dependent on the specific needs of the students. The curriculum is qualitatively differentiated by depth, level of pace, delivery of instruction, and is evaluated for effectiveness on an ongoing basis. It reflects current best practices, including interest-based applications and extensions, and is aligned with state and district standards. At the elementary and intermediate level, flexible cluster grouping and self-contained service models are utilized.  At the junior high and high school level, enrollment in Honors, Dual-Credit,  and Advanced Placement courses are available. 

Appeals and Exit Procedures:


In the event that a student in not designated to receive HA services, a petitioner may challenge the decision.

★Petitioner contacts high ability coordinator who provides an appeal request form.
★Appeal request form is completed and returned to high ability coordinator within one week.
★Coordinator reviews student profile and alternative assessments may be requested such as portfolios, SIGS HA screener, interviews, and student work samples.
★Identification team meets to review the case and HA Coordinator reports the findings to the petitioner.


Exit procedures will be followed in the event that a student, parent, or teacher deems high ability placement services are no longer appropriate to meet the student's needs.

★ A conference will be held with the involved parties, including the student, parent, building level administrator and the teacher(s) providing services to examine the areas of concern, discuss possible interventions, and agree on a probationary period to implement the recommendations.
★ The high ability coordinator, parent, student, and teacher will meet at the end of the probationary period to reflect upon the progress and determine whether the student’s instructional placement needs further modifications. If exiting high ability services is determined to be the best option, a smooth transition into a new setting will occur within one week of the conference.
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